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Welcome to The Raised Access Flooring Company

The Raised Access Flooring Company for Access Floor Installation, Maintenance and Supply Only services.

The Raised Access Flooring Company have been supplying and installing raised access flooring systems for over 30 years. Previous projects and applications have included commercial offices, dealing rooms, computer suites, datacentres, retail and leisure.

We recognise that today’s buildings need to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate tomorrow’s needs. The incorporation of a well-constructed and perfectly installed raised floor system provides a safe but easily accessible environment in which to house critical services such as power, voice, data, heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

To speak to a member of our team please call: 0207 729 5299 with your requirements or email us: info@rafcuk.co.uk

 Office Flooring Systems Example Computer Room Flooring Example Low Void Flooring System Example Clean Room Flooring Example Bespoke Flooring Finishes Example 


  • London Wall

    125 London Wall - Duration 1 Month

  • 1 Minster Court

    1 Minister Court - Duration 4 Months

  • Canada Life Place

    Canada Life Place - Duration Ongoing

  • Standard Life Investments

    Standard Life Investments - Duration 1 Month

  • International House

    International House - Duration Ongoing

  • 90 Lots Road

    90 Lots Road - Duration 2 Weeks

  • University of Brighton

    University Of Brighton - Duration 2 Months

  • The Metro Building

    The Metro Building - Duration 1 Month

  • Wellington House

    Wellington House - Duration 5 Months

  • The Brand Union Building

    The Brand Union Building, 3 month duration