Floor Boxes and Brushed Steel Grommets

Raised Access Floor BoxWhatever your needs we have a product to suit it. We have a wide range of floor boxes and circular grommets at our disposal that will fit apertures in the raised flooring.

We also offer Brush Steel Grommets for systems that have a pressurised plenum. These grommets fit either the edge or within the edges of the raised floor panel and allows cables to pass from the void to the top of the floor with minimal loss of air pressure. These are an absolute Essential if your are looking to maintain cool temperatures within Data Centres.

Even more importantly, due to there design, they allow for easy removal and installation of cables.

Many of the products are in stock or can be available on short lead times, please call our sales team for prices and availability on 020 7729 5299 or email info@rafcuk.co.uk